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Great for the money

October 30, 2016

Getting better all the time.

Needs a little landscaping


Fantastic Starter

August 18, 2016

It’s a really nice place to live especially if you’re tighter on your budget. The people are nice, the parking isn’t too bad, and the staff is amazing. I have a few issues but nothing that makes me want to move For example, there is construction going on outside of my building. It’s pretty annoying considering they ripped up the entire front. And it would have been easier if the doors that led to the back of my building had sidewalks to them. Because I ended up having to go through the mud to not get in the way of their construction. A bit annoying but it’s already over with. Sidewalks would be nice for the back doors. The other thing is laundry. One laundry room isn’t as bad as you think. I’ve honestly only ever had one problem with not being able to use it when I’d like. However, it’s pretty damn expensive. The washing machine went from 1.50 to 1.75 per load and it’s 1.50 for drying. If I had a card I could swipe for laundry it would help but I spend about 20 wk on laundry. Yeesh. But for how low the cost of living is at the place, I can swing it. The layout and design is quite nice but I would probably get a two bedroom next time around. There’s a lack of kitchen space that I’m currently struggling with.

Overall Great place to live if this is your first apartment, you’re mindful of your money, and you want to be in a center-spot of Peoria in a safe neighborhood. Laundry is laundry and construction only lasted a week tops. Can’t hear my neighbors at all, and I truly feel safe. The worst gang activity we’ve seen are the people playing Pokemon Go. It’s an amazing starter and I’ll probably be staying a while probably moving to a two bedroom It’s safe, good for a starter place want to put your money elsewhere, great location, and affordable. For sure this should be a top ten of places to live in Peoria.

Delaney Clark

Looking for a two bedroom apartment

July 20, 2016

how soon can I move in this apartment

Kayla smith